Lennart Jensen Art

Lennart Jensen

 (born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1957)


I have worked in the Graphic Design business for 34 years. After a few years as an employee, I started my own business in 1990. My ideas was soon in great demand and the 90's and 00's turned out to be my golden years in hundreds of projects for both Swedish and foreign companies.

Parallell to my design projects I have honed my painting skills and today I have a comprehensive knowledge of techniques and art materials. In 2017 I decided to kick into a higher gear and show my art to the public, which resulted in two gallery exhibitions in Stockholm in 2018. The die is cast... You can inspect a few of my ink paintings on the INKS page.

In early 2019, the acrylics are out again. Bold, squiggly brush strokes and patches that borrow shapes and colours from nature in eye-pleasing combinations. You can see some of my latest acrylics at the EXHIBITION page.

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